Safari in India

Whether you are in a desert or on the high steep slopes or within the dense forests, the best way to explore off beaten tracks of the natural world is through a safari. India is blessed with some of the most varied and adventurous wild sites. There can be no better way of experiencing life in the desert than through a journey into its hinterland on camel back ride. Similar experience visitors can enjoy among the grasslands, on the back of an Elephant. Nothing can beat the fun that one experience during the wildlife safaris. There is so much to explore and experience during wildlife safaris India that you will never forget.

a state in the sub-Himalayan geographical belt and having its unique ecological characteristics. With its towering, ancient trees, enchanting chorus of forest birds, gurgling rivers and herds of gentle chital, this is an experience beyond belief. Whether it is a morning or afternoon game view drive by 4X4 safari vehicle from our wildlife properties The Corbett Hideaway, The River View Retreat or The Hideaway River Lodge our unique and exhilarating wildlife safaris on horseback or elephant, special interest Birding or Angling safaris, you are escorted by our trained guides and naturalists, who can read jungle signs and virtually smell out an animal in the bush. Conversant with the favourite paths of various animals, your guide will not let you return before you see a splendid variety of animal and bird life.

Jeep Safaris in India

About Jeep Safari IndiaWhen you want to explore the wilds of the remote areas or the dense ones, the option is to board a jeep. Why a Jeep safari? Well, it's the most secure way if you don't want to get scared when you hear the growl of a Lion or Tiger! More of all jeep safaris are the best way to get the inside look of the forest and its topography Enjoying Jeep Safari TripYou can enjoy the jeep safari tours available in the various wildlife sanctuaries in India. Some of the best ones are Rajaji National Park, Corbett National Park and Dudhwa National Park in U.P and Gir National Park in Gujarat. You will get a whole new Jungle experience in these sanctuaries while moving about in a jeep. And do not forget to click some pictures too during your jeep safari holiday

Elephant Safaris in Indian Himalayas

Enjoying Elephant Safaris How about checking the most awesome adventures while riding elephant? Well, that's what Elephant Safari in India is all about. National Park's such as Kaziranga in Assam, with its swamps and grasslands with tall thickets of elephant grass and patches of evergreen forest, support the largest number of Rhino in the subcontinent. At Kaziranga, the open country makes wildlife viewing fairly easy and the Elephant safaris is an experience you will never forget. Another Rhino habitat in Assam, but much more famous as a Tiger Reserve is the Manas Tiger Reserve. Located in the foothills of the Bhutan Hills and far from human habitation, this reserve is a world of its own. There are the Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks where Elephants are used for Tiger-tracking and should a tiger be located, the elephant rides can take visitors to that site

Jungle Safari Rajaji National Park in India

Jungle Safari Rajaji National Park Wildlife Sanctuary. We start Jeep and Elephant Chilla Rajaji National Park Haridwar Uttarakhand India. Best time for Wildlife Jeep Safari in Rajaji National Park and open between 15th November and 15th June every year. Wildlife Jeep Safaris and Elephant Ride in Rajaji National Park 34 K.M. Nature Safari Trail and drive passing through undulating forest track, hilly terrain, lush green valleys, river beds, dense forests, sprawling grasslands and many never before seen greenery and vegetation