Our Team

S.Kunwar :
organizes Adventure Trekking Trips in India.
An experienced guide and Presently Tour Manager of Indian Himalayas.
PG Diploma in Eco Tourism.
World rafting Expedition Team Manager
5th skier of the Indian Winter Games in 2003.
ember of the U.F.O. (Uttaranchal Finest Outdoor Adventure). and the I.M.F. (Indian Mountain Federation). ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association of India )
He has got all certificates and permits to lead expeditions in this area.

He is a founder member of Himalayan Adventure Holidays Born in the mountains, his interest and love for them, Climbing & Trekking Trips, their indigenous people, environment and their mutual needs has been his single most motivating factor.

Sarah :
He is a founder member of Team Himalayas. Born in the mountains, his interest and love for them, their indigenous people, environment and their mutual needs has been his single most motivating factor. Team manager for trekking / climbing / rock-climbing / river rafting and trek all over Indian Himalayas, specialist in trekking in Ladakh and Rafting on Tons / Zanskar / Ganges. Always ready to explore new Xtreme Adventure in Himalayas. Have did a successful climbing Ronti peak and ski through down Trishul Peak in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Sanjay :
PGDTH diploma in tourism and treks now all over Garhwal Himalayas.
He is in charge of the rafting / biking / rock-climbing / trekking program.
P.G. Diploma in Tourism and Hotel trade from H.N.B.U.
Rafting courses completed with the governmental NIM Uttarkashi.
Skiing courses in Sholang Valley Manali.
Paragliding short fly courses in Shimla.
Trekked almost all region in Garhwal & Kumoan Himalayas
Rock climbing courses in Pauri

Saklani :
He is a young and energetic boy from Joshimath, who has recently joined the team as a field worker for the local arrangement and student social work projects.
Bhoom is a jack of all and an intimidating mountaineer & most popular trekking tour guide.. He can get to any heights with minimum fuss. He is also the multi tasking all in one man of Himalayan Holiday Team.

Sobhan Singh :
Trekking and rafting with the MHE Ltd.
Skiing courses with NIM.
Basic and Advanced courses of Mountaineering with NIM center, Uttarkashi.
Expedition guide certificate from the Government.
He has already climbed these peaks:
Kamet , Chaukamba III, Nanda Devi Camp 3, Bertholi, Ronthi, Nanda Ghunti, Bidhan, Deoban, Abhigamin, Kedardom etc.

Rama Bhandari :
Studied biology and prepares his Master Degree in the Valley of Flowers. He has hiked all over Garhwal Himalayas. He will tell you everything you want to know about plants, fauna and ecology in this area.
Trekking and skiing courses with the governmental NIM.
Active member of the Valley Eco Comity & Wild Life
Experience in Eco Treks and Eco Tourism Development .
Organizes eco-conferences in Himalaya.

Manoj :
Trekking & Mountain guide, can teach you all about mountaineering is short time while trekking with him in Himalayas. Advance and MIU course from NIM.
Have experience in climbing and technical climb and alpine climb.
Operating climbing peaks and cross country treks in Indian Himalayas.
Best knowledge of Nepal & Leh / Ladakh Zanskar Valley trekking.

John Benzing :
Perfect snow boarder and skiers, won INSC, Swiss championship. Great knowledge of snowboarding and skiing, he can train you all about snow ski. heli ski, Snow board etc... Have experience in Heli ski, Cliff jump, Snow board, Mountain skiing etc...
Operating high altitudes trek and Himalayan ski tours.
Have completed ski and snowboard course from Swiss & S.Korea.

Henk Hofman :
European tour organizer and passionate trekker.Working from Holland, Also organizing Golf tours in Europe - USA & Sri lanka etc..

Beatrice Hudry :
European tour organizers and passionate trekkers. Film maker and story writer. Trekked in Garhwal Himalayas, presently in California. Also operating Europe Golf tours.