Rafting Expeditions in India

You can opt for one day or weekend water rafting adventure tour on some of the best white water rivers present in India. There are several professional tour operators in India who organize camps along the popular white water rivers of India. They offer customized river rafting rafting expedition packages that include personalized services from experienced life guards as well as renting of safety gear and other rafting equipments. Go for a reputed adventure tour operator so that you can completely enjoy a unique river rafting expedition in India.

Alknanda River Expedition
Uttarakhand, River Rafting Expedition, 5 days

The Alaknanda River is the second major tributary of the Ganga besides the Bhagirathi. It drains through the big mountains of Garhwal and has numerous mighty tributaries including the Mandakini, Nandakini and Pindar. A self-contained trip is a great introduction to expedition rafting . Apart from some spectacular scenery it provides you the thrill of running one of the most technical.....

Ganga River Expeditions
Uttarakhand, River Rafting Expedition, 3 days

The Ganga is one of India's major rivers. With a location close to Delhi, it is a popular choice for first-timers, non- swimmers and families. It is also the hub of white-water India. It combines an action-packed trip with the best rapids and wilderness sections, and is the perfect introduction to white water rafting. A ideal weekend getaway to calm overworked nerves.....

Tons River Expedition
Uttarakhand, River Rafting Expedition, 7 days

Garhwal, the part of Uttarakhand that borders Himachal Pradesh is the home of the river Tons. Rising from the Bandarpunchh Mountain range at 20,720 ft., the river is the biggest Yamuna tributary and is believed to have more water than the Yamuna itself. The Tons river expedition provides you the thrill of running a river that have grade 3-4 and even some grade 5 rapids. It is considered.....
Mahakali River Expedition
Uttarakhand, River Rafting Expedition, 9 days
This is a rafting expedition on Sharda river (also called Kali Sharda), which forms a natural border between India and Nepal. The trip is largely disconnected from roads and civilization, as the river enters a wide gorge from Pancheshwar, and flows through the Terai jungles. Camp sites are heavenly on isolated remote beaches. The region is rich in flora and fauna, and one can.....
Brahmaputra River Expedition
Arunachal Pradesh, River Rafting Expedition, 13 days
The expedition on the great Brahmaputra begins at Tuting, where Tsang Po, the name given to it in Tibet, takes on the name Siang in Arunachal Pradesh. Get ready for some of the best big white-water rafting and kayaking there is to offer in the world. Rapids such as the 'Pulsating Pulsi', 'Toothfairy' at Cherring will give you more than enough adrenaline to tell the folks back home. This self-contained.....