About Us

Neo Adventure has been running trekking trips and tours for the discerning traveller throughout the Indian Himalayas since 2000, yet the experience of our travel personnel dates well beyond that, to years of leading trips throughout the Indian Himalayan and Bhutan belt. We believe that an adventure travel outfit is only as good as its guides. Good equipment, food and guides is what makes an outdoor trip an experience to savour.

Our Goal :
To create the best trips possible, with uncommon professionalism, unsurpassed personal service and a commitment to protect and preserve the cultures and environments through which we travel.

Our Guides :
Our trip leaders backed by years of experience are conscientious, aware of the needs and requirements of the group and, interact and communicate freely to provide better service leading to a complete outdoor experience. We have led bicycle camping tours, backpacking trips, mountaineering and rafting adventures, and have trekked extensively, at all altitudes. Our staff members have trekked the very same hills and explored the same wilderness you will when you embark on your adventure. So whether you are on a trek over a 19000 foot high pass, or scouting a big raging rapid, our guides are trained, and more importantly, have the foresight backed by years of experience, to ensure your safety. They are well acquainted with the rigors and rhythms of an adventure trip. Watch out; their adventure spirit is quite contagious!

Commitment for client's safety and value for money services. All operations are conducted and managed by educated guides/Instructors .Trekking and Climbing Expeditions in HimalayaCompany Register from England Wales E-Company House- as Ltd 2003 .

Member of :
IMF, ATOAI, UFO, IPROA, UTTARAKHAND TOURISUM , CENTERAL DEPT. OF TOURISUM The TEAM is totally committed to preserve the environment and culture of the area in which we travel. We use Kerosene oil for cooking stoves at our trekking and rafting camps thus eliminating the need to burn firewood, as it is vital for local people. It is our only request that we, the visitors to these fragile communities leave for tomorrow, what we have found today.

Our Spirit :
Trekking is not just a means of livelihood for us, it is a passion. And so don't be surprised if the trek leader is one of the founder members of company. Yes, to date, without fail, the founders lead at least one trek in a year. And not only the founders, every team member breathes the same spirit and passion of trekking. This is the key criterion we use to select our team members. Not only this as a matter of policy, we keep evolving newer itineraries and treks in an attempt to give our clients maximum value of money and preference of time. During these period , we have proved ourselves quite strong & dependable in the field of touring & trekking throughout Indian Himalayas. We take every possible precaution & all necessary action to fulfill the needs of our traveler guests & in addition, we are keen to provide good value for money.

Our top quality services in indian himalayas :
1. Specialized in handling incoming Tours including individuals and group travelers, delegation and charters.
2. Transfer, Sight seeing, Camping and Excursions.
3. Garlanding welcome in traditional way welcome drink on arival.
4. Train Reservation / Air Tickets.
5. Services of multilingual Guides.
6. Hotel bookings and Transport hire.
7. Total corporate travel solutions
8. Wild and Jeep Safaris.
9. Climbing & Adventures packages (skiing & snowboarding adventures)
10. Holidays for delegates and their families.
11. Biking & Himalayan Cycle tours.
12. Trekking / Lakes & Glaciers tours / Garhwal & Kumaon Package Tours / Pilgrimage Tours.

Security :
The locals are friendly people, but remember that in their eyes you have an unimaginable wealth. Leave your expensive items at home and keep large banknotes separate from small ones when you go shopping. It is rare to hear of a tourist being robbed, but unguarded belongings may provide easy pickings.

Cultural dos and don'ts :
Avoid wearing revealing clothing. Shorts are OK when trekking as long as they are not high cut, but around town and in a local household it is unacceptable for men or woman to wear shorts or tops that bare the shoulders. It's much better to wear a loose skirt or long baggy trousers, which will also protect you from the sun.

You will never see overt displays of affection between men and women, so please respect their culture and avoid public displays of intimacy.

Please remove your shoes before entering a home, temple or monastery. Many temples are closed to non-Hindus, so check before going inside.

Always ask permission before taking photographs of people.

Selecting your trip:
We help you select the trip that suits your needs and your style be it a relaxed cultural trek, a demanding trek or climb in the Himalaya, a first descent of a raging river or all of the above. If you are flexible and love adventure, discover India's rugged and unforgettable frontier. We explore areas untouched by other groups. We will provide you with the information you need to make the most of your adventure, and will look after all logistical details. All you need worry about is having the time of your life. We answer your questions not with textbook responses, but from firsthand knowledge. From personal experience. We are careful, attentive listeners. Tell us about the adventure you dream of - we'll tailor one that fulfills your fondest hopes.In the course of planning your adventure, we will act as your advisor and sounding board, your researcher, and maybe, even your confidante. We will work with you to find the right trip at the right time, then make sure you have all the right information - right upto the day of your departure! Our predeparture packet gets you ready and set before you go. When you travel with ATA, you venture beyond the beaten path even the paths most recently carved by other adventure travelers. Our constant effort is to try and control all the "variables" that can make or break your safari.

Our belief - Minimum impact travel :
We believe that along with the privilege of adventure in the Himalaya comes a serious responsibility. The responsibility to protect its ecology and tremendous beauty. The "Leave No Trace" philosophy is followed to the letter and we work to minimize the environmental impact of our trips. We are scrupulous in our camping, cooking and sanitation practices; we limit the number of trekkers we allow to join us on our trips and the number of trips we lead in a given area.

Why us ?
"Who do I sign up with?" - A question easy to answer, you may wonder, in an age where adventure travel is apparently booming. Varying costs are available and there is no shortage of operators willing to run your trip.
This is possibly the most important decision for you to make, after you have chosen to take on an adventure trip. There can be several compelling reasons why you may want to choose Adventure Trekking. All of them, overwhelming enough for you to lay considerable importance to the factors that make or break that trip you have planned for so long:

a) Our team of guides has years of experience of travel throughout the Indian Himalaya, from climbing mountains or running rivers to leading treks. They speak English, have completed graduate school, are current with First Aid and CPR certification and form the most experienced guiding team in the country today.

b) Equipment on all our adventure travel trips matches worldwide standards. On treks, we use 4 season 2-person tents, which can withstand the harshest weather conditions, and keep you dry and protected from the elements. Outfitter wings accompany all mountain trips for dining under.

c) Our staff is trained in hygienic preparation of meals and offer a great variety of food on an outdoor trip.

d) We have our own transport for moving our guides and equipment to ensure we are always on schedule. We work towards lessening the variables that can make or break your trip.

e) And lastly, the prices of our trips provide a high value for money returns. They are priced to keep our standards high and your trip, smooth. Cost usually is a deciding factor for many a trip, but for an adventure trip, the deciding factor should be confidence in your operator. We combine high operator confidence with a pricing balanced to give you a trip to remember.

Here are only a few more reasons to sign up with us:
The 15% Of incomes of treks other activity goes for NGO - Himalaya Adventure Torisum Social Development Community Joshimath Garhwal Himalayas...!!
THE NGO works for Workshops, training programmes, seminar/symposia/conferences, nature camps, exhibition, environment, local food exhibits , Education and awareness, capacity building, training for local youths as nature guides, skiing courses for poor school children and mostly Eco Tourisum and Woman welfare project in high pass remote area.

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